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The chaos of moving day is a prime time to forget or misplace essential items.  When you’re preparing for the big move to your new home, the following items are some of the most overlooked (and the most sorely missed in a time of need!).

To prevent the hassle and heartbreak of forgotten possessions and lost information, make a check list containing the following items:

1. Jewelry, watches, and small valuables:  These small, expensive and often irreplaceable items are best kept in a safe deposit box or kept with trustworthy friends or relatives on moving day.

2. Garage door opener:  The old one won’t be of much use at your new house, will it? Be sure to leave it behind for the new owners.  Also, make sure the old owners of your new house give you

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Having fun in Minneapolis and St. Paul doesn't need to be expensive. Below are several suggestions on how you can get free, or really cheap, tickets to great performances in Minneapolis and St. Paul.

  1. During the month of your birthday, Acme Comedy Co. will give you and five friends free tickets to a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday night show. Visit Acme Comedy Co. at 708 North First Street, Minneapolis, or call 612-338-6393 for more information.
  2. In The Heart of the Beast, a puppet theatre in Midtown Minneapolis, offers free puppet shows to children on Saturday mornings. The theatre company can be contacted at 612-721-2535.
  3. Once a year, Barebones Productions in St.Paul offers free tickets to see their spectactular, annual Halloween puppet show.
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First Time Buyer KeyBuying that first home is an exciting time in the lives of a couple, young family, or individual. Because homeownership isn't as attainable for young people today as it was in the past, buying a first home has become a truly joyous time for first-time buyers and their families. Still, there are some factors worth considering prior to becoming a homeowner.

For most people, a home is the single largest investment that they will ever make in their lives. This is why so much preparation must go into it beforehand. To begin, homebuyers will need to ask themselves many questions, including, "How much can I afford?" To answer this, it's useful to take a look at your current household budget and to review your financial situation. You'll need to ensure that you

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